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Flite – Client Spotlight

Flite Cleaning Solutions has come a long way since we started working with them and you can expect to see continued growth from these guys. When we started working with them, one thing was apparent, they had a great product and we were able to work with them to hone their branding to reflect that. The Flite Cleaning product itself has been around for quite some time, the biggest issue with their branding was that this had also been around for a long time. With only a 2 man team, they were unable to focus on the different aspects of branding as they were focused on generating sales.
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Change Is The Only Constant

We would like to welcome you to the new home of The Woods Collective and let you know we are still here and with some exciting changes to announce. We have been working hard the past few months to be able to provide you with better quality services along with a broader product offering. To all of our existing customers, don’t worry, we will still be offering all of our existing services.

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Small Business & Branding

Sometimes branding is perceived as something only large businesses and corporations need to focus on but in the small business landscape, having a defined and functional brand can help set you apart and contribute to your success. One of the major factors that contributes to this perception is that small business operate very lean with few people wearing many hats, corporations on the other hand, have large marketing teams and the ability to allocate resources specifically to their brand. There are a few ways you can set your brand apart in the local landscape to help get more eyes on your business.

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Branding vs Quality

Branding and Product Mix

    When it comes to branding and advertising it is no secret that companies are spending more time in these areas than ever before. There are so many channels to convey a message companies can often get lost and lose track of delivering a great product. I believe without a great product to back up a great branding effort the product will not last in the competitive market. We can see these fads all the time but its the companies mastering product development along with branding that are succeeding in the long run. A brand itself is just “a name, sign symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from competitors.”

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Death of Mass Marketing Paper

So I had to write a paper last week on the death of mass marketing so I thought I would share! Enjoy.

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Perfect Your Craft


I know its been a while since I’ve written one of these but don’t mistake the lack of posts for lack of work, we have been very busy here at The Woods Collective. From web design, to graphic design, SEO work, vinyl, and secret projects, we’ve had our hands full. Now that we have a small clearing in our client work we have begun focusing back on the business and working to perfect our craft so we can be sure to provide our clients and future clients with kick-ass services.

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Know How To Use Google


I am frequently on the Killer Startups website and I read an article a few weeks back that really intrigued me. I wanted to relay the information to you guys as well as fill you in on one of the best skills to have in today’s society.

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5 Small Biz Tech Essentials


Own a small business? Thinking about starting a small business? Here are some tech musts!

#1. Facebook page, even if you aren’t active on Facebook, it is very important you set up a Facebook page for informational purposes as well as SEO (search engine optimization). Chances are, most of your potential customers or current customers are on Facebook even if you are not.

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Think like a race car driver, acquire more advertising potential.

blogger-image-198209588Let’s face it, we’re not all race car drivers, but anyone who is trying to build a brand should really be thinking like one. No, not for the driving style, but for the rolling billboard that their car is. Now you may be thinking: “I don’t want my vehicle looking all tacky”. This is something we can understand and appreciate.

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Our take on Facebook Ads


Hello again, now that the obligatory first couple post are done, we will start to try to become a resource to small businesses through our blog, right along with the happenings at The Woods Collective.  It is now expected for a business to have a page for people to go to for information about your business. Whether you are a plumber, dance studio, to an actual web business, Facebook pages can be a very valuable tool for you to connect with your fans, customers, or potential customers, and often times can be more important than an actual website.

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